The Overture chose to re-post the link to the original Der Spiegel and Guardian story (both published March 21, 2011) about photographs released showing US army soldiers who killed and then posed with the bodies of innocent Afghan civilians because we found American news agencies (including the New York Times, NPR and ABC) either burying or not covering the story.

Follow this link to Der Spiegel for the full story:US Army Apologizes for Horrific Photos from Afghanistan
Follow this link to the Guardian for extra coverage: Photos show US soldiers in Afghanistan posing with dead civilians

March 22, 2011 Update: Public Intelligence (PI) reported the photos were released March 20, a day earlier than initially reported. PI also reports that approximately 4,000 photos exist of US soldiers posing with the civilians they killed. Follow this link to the PI story

March 28, 2011 Update: Rolling Stone printed a full story, including narrative and time-line of the killings, with several uncensored photos. Follow this link to the story.